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Toothbrush and Paste  In One Disposable Unit!

The SmileSaver Disposable Toothbrush with toothpaste is ready when you are. At the office, on an airplane, at the gym, while you’re shopping, at a restaurant – keep one of our convenient travel toothbrushes handy wherever you are and you’ll be ready for whatever comes next with fresh breath and a healthy smile.

Our mess-free, disposable toothbrush comes loaded with a single application of minty, gel toothpaste in the handle. Simply push both ends of the toothbrush together to press the toothpaste onto the bristles. Brush your teeth, and SMILE!

Dentist offices

Great to keep in your lobby for patients to freshen up before an exam.


a great complimentary or upsell item for traveling guests.


Smile Saver is airline approved and fits perfectly inside vending machines and meets all TSA requirements.


Anyone who is on the go and needs an easy solution for brushing.

Become a Wholesaler

SmileSaver, LLC. Is a manufacturer and distributor that proudly serves our customers around the world. Wholesalers and institutional customers are always offered our top quality Made in America products, with orders shipping directly from the company’s on-site warehouse.

What People Are Saying

“I carry your toothbrushes in my purse AND in my briefcase so I always have one handy. I use it at conferences, on planes, in airports, before my sales calls. It is a really convenient little product.”
Michelle Leahy

“I just tried Brush-Ups and I now know that I don’t like wiping my teeth. I like brushing my teeth. I love your toothbrush!”
Vonnie Ritsema



Quick and Convenient

Smile Saver disposable toothbrush carries a packet of minty toothpaste in the handle of the brush its self. When you’re ready to use, simply push the handle up toward the bristles. The toothpaste will squirt up into the bristles and you’re ready to brush. When finished, toss it into a recycle bin and you’re off!

100% recycable 

You can help keep our EARTH fresh by recycling your SmileSaver Disposable Toothbrushes. After using, rinse your brush and place it in your curb-side recycling bin. You can brush with ease knowing the SmileSaver toothbrush is 100% recyclable.

Our Difference 

SmileSaver is 100% made in the USA and is produced by Grand Traverse Industries in Traverse City, MI, creating jobs for persons with disabilities and keeping manufacturing jobs in America.


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Airline Approved

Made in the USA